Whoaaa we’re half way there…20 WEEKS!

This Sunday marked a very big milestone for me, half way through my pregnancy. It feels like it has gone by so fast! Now with a protruding belly, the next 4-5 months I’m sure will be a challenge both physically and mentally as we prepare for our bundle of love.

I try and picture her all the time in my head…with my husband’s long lashes, my skin tone, his smile, my eye color and strawberry blonde curly hair. If she comes to us exactly the opposite we will love her all the same but it’s funny to try and wonder what traits she will pick up from you and what from your other half. And if what they say is true about heartburn and the amount of hair on your head, I imagine you coming out with a good 5 inches of hair on that little head of yours. Oh the heartburn and indigestion!

On another note, I’m starting to purchase some super cute, adorable girly girl props for my little one since I’m going to go crazy with her photos!!! Here are a couple things I have coming to me 🙂

This cute Coral bonnet, now I’m on the hunt for the blanket.

Newborn Coral floral trim bonnet

This knicker set…say whaat?!!! so cute!



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